Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sometimes Life is a Musical

Today was one of those days where the sun was shining just for me, there were almost birds on my shoulder singing along to a grand musical number that everyone seemed to know. I felt a little like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Everywhere I went I heard...


Luke and I began our adventure by catching a glimpse of our bus at the stop across the street and about a block away from where we were. I began sprinting... in my jeans, with the stroller and my bag... what a sight it must have been... but we made it! 

There goes Cabrina with her stroller running, I hope she catches this bus... every morning just the same, every morning that she came to this small commuter town"

As we boarded the bus, the driver laughed and made some joke about seeing me run all the way.. but of course it was in French and I didn't quite get every word, but I laughed along with him and imagined him saying 

Good Morning Madam!

Good Morning Monsieur!

Where are you off to?

The Art Museum...
We tried on monday, but it was closed 
I really want to see the...

That's nice.. Come along, Hurry up!

Once I boarded and positioned ourselves for our 15 minute ride I couldn't help but smile. It's quite a feeling of accomplishment running to catch a bus. It feels as though you have altered your fate slightly by saving those 15 minutes it would have taken to sit and wait for the next bus. I was smiling thinking what I could do with those 15 extra minutes. The other passengers kept looking over at me, perhaps trying to figure out why this strange American girl was smiling after sprinting with a stroller. I just imagined...

[Group of Women]
Look there she sits that girls is strange no question. Smiling and distracted, can't you tell?

[Woman #1]
Never part of any crowd.

[Man # 1]
Cuz her head is up in a cloud

[Bus riders]
No denying she's a funny girl that Ms. McNeil

After an uneventful bus then train ride into the city, Luke and I made it to the Art museum to find the hours had changed and we were still 20 minutes early. I had scouted out an interesting church I wanted to explore and was excited for the extra 15 minutes to do it. Luke and I walked a few blocks and entered a stunning church with gold leaf spires. It was a Russian Orthodox Church called “La Cathedral De L’exaltation de la Saint Croix”. When we entered they were in the middle of some sort of ceremony. We opened the door to the rich sounds of an angelic choir and the thick smell of incense. The priests were dressed in beautifully ornamented white robes and the ceremony began to resemble a dance as the movements that they must have been performed many times before became fluid. The music filled every inch of the magnificently adorned house of worship. It is a very different way to worship than I am accustomed to, but I find such beauty in the knitting of hearts to the purpose of worshiping God. It was beautiful. Perhaps the most incredible aspect to the whole experience was my perfect son. He was completely quiet, taking in every movement of the priests, the beautiful artwork and the smells. We stayed for roughly 20 minutes and he surpassed my expectations for any child in such a state. I am such a lucky mother! 

After our experience at the church we walked the few blocks to the Art Museum where I was again pleasantly surprised wit ha perfect son appreciating the art work. We walked through and I'm sure people thought I was crazy giving Luke a lesson on the differences between Early Christian art and the Renaissance. Then we discussed the merits of impressionist work vs modern art.

Oh isn't this amazing? It's my favorite period because you see. Here's where the color emphasizes emotion. But it doesn't distract from the sense of how man must be.

In exploring the museum we found an adorable kids area where they had projects waiting t be created. Luke colored a few pages and then I helped make a paper Knight. He was so excited and carried it with him the rest of the day, letting everyone know he had a "Knight!"

After our fun morning outing we made our way back to the train but first stopped for a buttery croissant. This is one of Luke's favorite treats. He even knows the difference between a roll and a croissant, my cultured little toddler. 

Everything was almost complete with the musical number-esque morning, but it needed a grand finale. That came when we were attempting to leave the bus at our final stop. I was disembarking when I turned my head to thank the driver and say good bye (a common practice to say hello and goodbye to people you interact with here) and I then realized he didn't know I was leaving the bus. He closed the doors on the stroller... the bus was trying to eat my son. Sadly this wasn't the first time this had happened. I yelled "monsieur S'il vous plait!" and he immediately opened the doors" He ardently apologized, but I could still hear the villagers singing in the background...

Look there she goes
that girl is strange but special
A most peculiar mad'moiselle!

It's a pity and a sin

She doesn't quite fit in

'Cause she really is a funny girl
A beauty but a funny girl
She really is a funny girl
That Ms. McNeil


  1. This is WAY too cute and funny!! Love your adventures especially to one of my favorite songs! ;)

  2. This is adorable. My adventures have not been near as exciting yet!