Monday, May 26, 2014

My Day in Pictures

The famous Reformation wall sits at the base of Old Town Geneva

The beautiful Art Museum that happened to be closed
A beautiful church I happened upon... unfortunately it was also closed
A shot of the many levels of this beautiful city
Even the parking garages are interesting
An archeological site that happens to be
in a parking garage
Beauty everywhere I turn

Trying my hand at reading the French newspaper

The English section at the bookstores are equipped with the most important ones...
50 Shades of Grey, Divergent and Twilight... Nice

Part of the vast chocolate isle at the grocery store
And here is the cheese isle... this is only a small part
The local butchery... YUM
"How much for the chocolate
in the window?"

And more stairs

Oh the stairs

Another beautiful church that was closed

Little man making the climb up the stairs home

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