Friday, May 16, 2014

Geneva has Welcomed Me

We had a beautiful adventure yesterday. It started with some toast with Nutella and bananas... you know it will be a good day when you start with Nutella! 

Once we escaped the house and its ever beaconing chores (Laundry, sweeping, grocery shopping etc), we made our way to the bus stop and jumped on a random us that led to a random train and a random stop somewhere in Geneva. Despite my subpar navigation skills, I have found an internal sense of direction that is led by the water. Geneva is a beautiful city built upon an even more beautiful lake. I know wherever I am in the city, if I can simply find the water I have found my sense of direction. (it also helps that the GPS on my phone still works on airplane mode... who knew)

After perusing a few shops, Luke and I made our way to a park listed on the map as "Parc La Grange". It housed the greenery so familiar in this beautiful country and play equipment for Luke. He is such a sport, if I let him out for 10 minutes every hour or 2, he will allow me to drag him anywhere with little complaint. We then came upon a most beautiful estate within the park. I've noticed many of the parks here have a stunning home within and I'm assuming before they were parks they were estates and the property was then donated to the community.

We then saw the Caribbean blue water in the distance of Lake Geneva. The beautiful park was filled with well manicured grounds and gardens. Quite a little spot of heaven that deceivingly looks like a lushes Mediterranean resort... but the weather would beg to differ.
We left the park and began walking along the waters edge near the boat yard. The wind blew fiercely and created a most beautiful orchestra of bells and clicks from the hundreds of boats and their ropes moving. I have never heard anything like it, it was enchanting. It was very cold with the wind blowing, but the nearly clear shy and the beauty of the sun sparkling off the water made the weather manageable.

I haven't quite felt the heart of the city reach out to me, until today. I am not an international professional, nor a native French speaker and consequently I've felt shut out. But seeing the water and hearing the music of the boats, I felt welcomed into the city. I will enjoy these next 2 months!
I read a book a few years back that describes each person having a word written on their heart, and when they find a city/town with that same word, you are home. Perhaps Geneva and I don't have the same word written on our hearts, but we can appreciate one another... and I fully intend to do just that! 

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