Monday, May 5, 2014

My Chocolate Fairytale

Once upon a time there lived a girl who loved chocolate. She went to Europe and made sure to eat chocolate at every meal, and between every meal as well. One day this girl and her family went to the most magical of places, a chocolate factory. This factory was nestled in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, amid the picturesque chateaus, quaint farms and greenery that inspires the Crayola manufactures. 

Upon arriving in this beautiful dreamland, this girl climbed out of her car and smelled the fresh mountain air. Instead of the traditional clear air with slight hints of fragrant flowers, there was a magical smell. CHOCOLATE! Chocolate literally filled the air. There was a dark chocolate sweetness that only a true chocolate lover can distinguish. The girl was almost brought to tears by the sheer joy of such a smell. 

After a walk toward the chocolate ridden town, the girl arrived at the front steps of the chocolate factory. With her family in tow, they opened the magical doors to discover the wonders that awaited inside. 

"Imagine a place where all your senses can be immersed in the wonderful world of Cailler chocolate; your eyes discover mysterious Aztec cocoa ceremonies; your ears hear captivating accounts about Francois-Louis Cailler, the founder of the Cailler brand; your hands hold roasted cocoa beans and your nose follows the wafting smell of fresh chocolate whilst you discover the different production stages of the Cailler branches; and finally taste, since what would Cailler chocolate be if it didn't find its way to your mouth, where it caresses your taste buds with the fabulous flavors of the best cocoa, milk from the region, and other delicious ingredients."

The girl found the Cailler website description to be more than accurate. After hearing the exciting tale of the flavorful history of chocolate, then feeling the course roasted cocoa beans, the girl saw the enchantment of chocolate creation in action. The magic grew with each new sight, sound and glorious smell. The most marvelous of all places, though, was the tasting room. A cozy square room with truffles, squares, bars and bites just waiting to be devoured. All the chocolate that the girl could eat simply before her, just waiting to be enjoyed. 

The chocolate was smooth and creamy with the perfect combination of richness and delight in every bite. The girl would never forget her magical afternoon amid the majestic mountains in the magnificent town of Broc. 

This little boy loved the tasting room!
He kept saying "more, more, more"

Alas, the girl would soon return to her life and sadly discover how many cavities magically found their way into her chocolate ridden mouth. Despite the pain of fillings and massive amounts of dental work, the girl would never forget her magical day filled with the sweet smell of chocolate blowing on the wind. 
Honestly, how much more idyllic can you get?
I think Luke's favorite part of the who day
was actually playing in the fountain 

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  1. This sounds amazing!! I am loving your whole living experience abroad!! You are the best writer!!! :)