Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Swiss Mountain Getaway

The view driving to our hotel
The beautiful town of Thun
This weekend marked our last big getaway for this trip. Mike, Luke, and I rented a car and drove 2 1/2 hours to the German part of Switzerland to soak up the unbelievable loveliness of this small country. We began our trip by driving through some little towns suitably located near two lakes and surrounded by the regal Swiss mountain ranges.

We passed through the town Thun and explored the castle that sits overlooking the charming situation.

We stopped in Oberhofen to admire another castle and the beautiful gardens that surround it. This castle was set on the crystal clear blue water and could not have been more beautiful. Everywhere I looked my jaw would drop at the incredible beauty. It was actually a little frustrating because my camera could not adequately capture the scenery as I saw it.

We then made our way to our hotel that happened to sit in the mountains above a town called Meiringen. Again the magnificence around us was indescribable and barely captured in these pictures.

View from Reichenbach 
On Sunday we had quite an adventure. Being the literature fans that we are, we decided to hike the notorious Reichenbach falls and discover for ourselves where Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty famously dove to their deaths in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Final Problem”. The literature tie was really just an excuse; the real excitement was actually having the opportunity to hike in the beautiful Swiss mountains. Again, I was blown away at the beauty we encountered. Having lived in places like Oregon, Utah, Tennessee and North Carolina, I am no foreigner to mountainous magnificence or the awe inspiring views of lushes green forests, but I believe that Switzerland is the most beautiful non-tropical place I’ve ever visited.

We loved our trip and I hope these pictures don’t disappoint. Just look at them and imagine that beauty and more everywhere you look.

All the buildings look like this

The town of Thun

The castle in Thun

I love finding castles in Europe
Luke learning to be a Knight

This is Oberhofen

We found another castle

Mike enjoying the Sherlock Museum

Can't forget the world cup is happening, every store
window reminds me

The little town of Meiringen

Our hike begins

Reichenbach falls

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