Friday, June 20, 2014

Enjoying these moments

As a planner, I have often had the predicament of being so eager about the next phase in life that I fail to fully appreciate the current chapter I’m in. Right now I can feel myself doing the same thing. We have 2 ½ weeks left on our European adventure and I can feel myself getting excited and ready to go home.  I’m thrilled to be in a place where I understand all the conversations around me. I’m already planning out the first meals and desserts I will have when I get back to the states (Southern BBQ, Mexican, cookies with milk and brownies).  I’m also thrilled to get back to my life, my friends, my family, my responsibilities at home and my sweet dog.
My sweet dog, Evey.

But this is ridiculous! I’m still in Europe, I’m still living this adventure and I need to make it count! Yes, it is uncomfortable living away from home; yes, it is annoying showering sitting down for 2 ½ months, and yes, it is interesting living with a mini fridge and no freezer… but that is what makes this trip so great! Adventures are not supposed to be cushy, they are not easy, but the memories are worth the discomfort and make the best stories.

Luke does a good job at enjoying the
discomforts. No dryer just means more forts.
Luke enjoys his down time
Mike and I will laugh about those hot days where I had to carry the stroller, grocery bags and the diaper bag up the 3 flights of stairs while nagging Luke to stop lagging behind and trying to open the neighbors doors. We will joke about that Barcelona trip that cost us a phone and a camera and where Luke threw up all over the back seat. We will laugh about being yelled at in French by bus drivers again and again for not realizing in France you must enter in the front door, but Switzerland you can enter in the back. I will look back at my strength to single handedly haul a busy toddler through museums, shops and historical sites while navigating stairs and incomprehensible conversations.

Luke is learning to read the French newspapers
This experience has been hard no doubt, but I have learned so much about myself. I have learned I can laugh when our hot water stops working and I have to take a sponge bath out of a bowl. I can maintain my sanity when my son learns to climb out of his pack and play and his bedtime routine expands from 10 minutes to 2 hours and now requires Mike or me to hold his door closed until he gives up and falls asleep. I can cope with loneliness when my husband is working all day long, all of my friends are thousands of miles away and those around me speak little English. I can be productive with my time at home by learning to read in French, studying a French history book, running, listening to books on tape, finding new local recipes and extensive reading. 

I am so grateful for this journey. I am excited to go home in a few weeks, but I am determined to appreciate every remaining moment I have here… even the difficult and frustrating moments.

My little family enjoying our adventure at the Bern LDS temple

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