Thursday, April 17, 2014

Are we crazy? Perhaps...

Perhaps I should elaborate on our exciting adventure that begins in a matter of days. WE ARE GOING TO GENEVA, SWITZERLAND! My brilliant husband scored an internship with the W.H.O. (The World Health Organization... not the band, unfortunately). We fly to Europe next week, starting in Paris. The best part, my in-laws get to join us. Then we get to rent a car and drive to Switzerland. I am picturing this as a beautiful jaunt through the French country side, but perhaps it will look more like a cramped car, loaded down with luggage and a nearly 2 year old letting us know he hasn't quite adjusted to the time change. No, no, I'll stick to thinking about the beautiful jaunt.

We are not going to live in Geneva, but rather in a beautiful two bedroom flat outside of the city in a little French town. I have always wanted to live in France for the spring, but never really thought that dream would come true. Although, in my dream it was exploring museums, visiting cafes, and speaking French with the locals... but with a toddler, there will be a bit more juggling involved. Luckily, my little guy is perhaps the most easy-going kid I've encountered. We did a lot of traveling his first year and he knows the drill. He has quite the STATS for being under 2.

-27 different plane rides
-9 different states
-5 different countries
-1 cruise

(We were basically gone a week out of every month his first year... daddy was very busy with school and I wanted to see family.)

We get to stay for 3 months and hopefully will get to visit Munich, Naples, and London... but we'll see how adventurous we become.

I have done my best to prepare for this adventure. We bought the French Rosetta Stone in December and have been studying. I also decided to nerd out and read a book called "La Belle France: A Short History" about the history of France. Short it is not, but actually it is a fun read. I still have a ways to go... Napoleon just took over for the first time.

We are down to the final preparations. My to-do list pages are looking beautiful and crossed off. One more day before we leave for Nashville to drop off our dog with my parents, then in one week from today we leave for Paris! One week left!


  1. So glad you started this blog! I can't wait to hear about the next few weeks/months. So glad Luke is such a good traveler for you guys. Enjoy and safe travels, sis!

  2. Wow!!! This is so exciting! I had no idea good for you guys!